Mountlucas Amenities

At Mountlucas Wind Farm we have over 10km of public amenity facilities that are used for cycling, walking, jogging and running in addition to an outdoor gym along the route.

Learn more about our public amenity facilities below.


The use of carparks are done so at the owner or driver’s own risk. 

The Company does not accept liability for any accidents, damage or loss incurred to vehicles or their contents.

Please ensure to lock your vehicle, and where possible avoid storing valuables in it.  

Outdoor Sensory Garden at Mountlucas

Our Sensory Garden at Mountlucas Wind Farm measures 1400 square meters and is for children and adults alike to come and enjoy their visit to the Wind Farm.

This sensory garden will stimulate all basic senses of sight, smell, touch, sound, and balance. This space is filled with enticing sounds, scents, and textures, designed to delight.

It is beneficial for everyone as it provides the opportunity to be outdoors gaining physical and mental stimulation. The garden hosts a wide range of interactive tools for the whole family including Sensory Path, Busy Boards and much more.

This area is for contemplation and awareness and to enjoy all that nature has to offer on Mountlucas Wind Farm.

Public Amenity Facilities at Mountlucas

Bord na Móna has provided a 10km public walkway-cycleway around the wind farm. The walkway-cycleway is accessible all year round (except December 21st) during daylight hours – free of charge.  There is also an outdoor trim trail (gym) located around the walkway-cycleway for public use which was installed in conjunction with the Mount Lucas Development Association.

It is an ideal location for walking and cycling enthusiasts alike, and would also be a wonderful setting for a family day out.

We have had in excess of 215,000 visits to the public amenity facilities since they opened.

We look forward to welcoming you to Bord na Móna’s Mountlucas Wind Farm soon.

Mountlucas parkrun

Mountlucas parkrun is a free 5km timed run held every Saturday at 9:30am at Mountlucas Wind Farm. 

It is a family friendly event which is open to everyone to either run, jog or walk the course.

For more information click on their website here, or their Facebook page here.

The Learning Hub @ Mountlucas Wind Farm

The Learning Hub @ Mountlucas Wind Farm is ideal for both school and private guided tours.  Each guided tour of the wind farm includes a visit to our interactive Learning Hub where visitors can take a virtual reality tour of the inside of one of our turbines.  All tours must be booked in advance.

The Learning Hub is a hands on, fun, educational area where visitors can explore and learn more about renewable energy.  To learn more about participating in a school tour, please download our school brochure.

Alternatively, please contact us for more information.

Self Sustainable

At Mountlucas Wind Farm our main focus is to provide clean energy by harnessing the forces of nature. Our purpose built facility is designed to be self-sustainable, with a goal to leave virtually no carbon footprint. Examples of these measures are described below.

  • As a power generating facility, we use our own wind turbine T22 to power the entire facility.
  • We receive our tap water via an onsite well.
  • Solar thermal panels fitted on the building’s roof provide enough energy to keep the water heated.
  • The water collected in our rainwater harvester is fed into our toilet cisterns, which is used to flush the toilets.

Flora and Fauna

Mountlucas Wind Farm comprises of 1,100 hectares, of which approximately 2% is occupied by the wind farm infrastructure. As encouraging biodiversity around the wind farm is a key goal of ours, you can find many examples of native and non-native flora and fauna here.

The wind farm encompasses both wet and dry habitats, which enables us to support a variety of diverse plant life. While the Common Bog Cotton is the main plant found growing here, we are also home to rare plant species such as the Round-Leaved Wintergreen which was never found in County Offaly until it was discovered here at Mountlucas.

Many creatures, both big and small are residents at Mountlucas. You may be lucky enough to see the elusive fallow deer as they graze, or just a hoof-print left in the peat to show they were there. You might also observe one of our Irish Hares, or many of our bird species such as the Grey Heron, Mute Swans or Snipe.